Wine Glassware Rentals and Tableware Rentals - Mobile phone and Wechat: 18917690487_ Carin - Chinese
01 RMB 1.8/per piece
03 RMB 2.5/per piece
04 RMB 2.8/per piece
04D RMB 3.3/per piece
06 RMB 2.6/per piece
06D RMB 3.3/per piece
08Crystal cup RMB 4.5/per piece
07Crystal cup RMB 4.5/per piece
05 RMB 3.0/per piece
011 RMB 3.0/per piece
012 A whisky RMB 3.5/per piece
09 Water cup RMB 2.0/per piece
013D Beer mug RMB 5.0/per piece
014 8inches RMB 2.5/per piece
014D 10inches RMB 3.5/per piece
015 RMB 2.5/per piece

017 RMB 2.0/per piece
017D RMB 2.5/per piece
016 RMB 2.5/per piece
016D RMB 3.5/piece/days
015M RMB 2.0/per piece
010 RMB 8.0/per piece 020 RMB 5.0/per piece
019 RMB 15.0/per piece
018 RMB 4.5/per piece
018B RMB 4.7/per piece
021 RMB 10.0/per piece 022 RMB 25.0/per piece
023 RMB 1.5/per piece
024 RMB 5.0/per piece
025 RMB 5.0/per piece
026 RMB 8.0/per piece
 Note: All Wine Glassware and Tableware Washed clean.
Glassware rentals and Tableware rentals
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